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The Institute possesses a very efficient placement board comprising eminent personalities from the industry. The Placement Board publishes the Placement Brochure containing detailed bio-data of the passing-out batch. This brochure is widely circulated amongst the Corporate Houses and forms the basis on which the companies decide to have campus interviews to select the candidates for placement in their organizations. To name a few, the companies where our students are placed and have undergone training are:
  Bajaj Allianz
  Tech Mahindra
  Khera Associates,
  Pankaj Kumar & Co.
  Eureka Forbes
  Athan Care
  Media Zotic
  Kajupuria Group
  Red Carpet
  RBH India
  Star Realcon
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Our Placed  Students in 2018 (Course wise Details)


Sr. No. Name of Student Company  
1 Adity Eureka Forbes  
2 Vishal Eureka Forbes  
3 Vikas Eureka Forbes  
4 Monika Nagar Eureka Forbes  
5 Aakash Negi Eureka Forbes  
6 Shubhan Eureka Forbes  
7 Shekhar Eureka Forbes  
8 Sheetal Nagar Eureka Forbes  
9 Sakshi Mathur Eureka Forbes  
10 Pushpendra Singh Athan Care  
11 Nishant Athan Care  
12 Aman Athan Care  
13 Abhishek Kajupuria Group  
14 Pranchi Kajupuria Group  
15 Ayushi Kajupuria Group  
16 Rahul Singh Kajupuria Group  
17 Ruchika Kajupuria Group  
18 Nisha Kajupuria Group  
19 Aprove Srivastava Kajupuria Group  
20 Himanshi Kajupuria Group  
21 Vandna Kajupuria Group  
22 Nivedita Kajupuria Group  
23 Raj Kumar Baitha Red Carpet  
24 Shweta Dubey Red Carpet  
25 Somya RBH India  
26 Shubham Paul RBH India  
27 Adity RBH India  
28 Monika RBH India  
29 Abhishek Chandela VIVO  
30 Sumit Sharma Tech Mahindra  
31 Ritika Garg LOGIX  
32 Bhawa Tomar Worksmith  
33 Sahil Arora Worksmith  
34 Rishab Khanda Worksmith  
35 Yusuf Worksmith  
36 Feroj Bajaj Allianz  
37 Vivek Kumar Malik Bajaj Allianz  
38 Saddam Hussain Bajaj Allianz  
39 Preeti Bajaj Allianz  
40 Anuj Sharma Bajaj Allianz  
41 Aman Star Realcon  
42 Srivastava Star Realcon  
43 Sahi Tiwari Star Realcon  
44 Altmash Star Realcon  
1 Anmol Eureka Forbes  
2 Apoorva Eureka Forbes  
3 Manish Eureka Forbes  
4 Anurag Eureka Forbes  
5 Nikhil Eureka Forbes  
6 Mayank Eureka Forbes  
7 Deepanshu Eureka Forbes  
8 Shoiab Ali Eureka Forbes  
9 Deepa Eureka Forbes  
10 Rani Eureka Forbes  
11 Nitesh Eureka Forbes  
12 Shivam Eureka Forbes  
13 Sonu Pandit Eureka Forbes  
14 Neeraj Athan Care  
15 Shubham Athan Care  
16 Jyoti Athan Care  
17 Mohit Chauhan Athan Care  
18 Prashant Media Zotic  
19 Shubham Sharma Media Zotic  
20 Mohd. Azam Khan Media Zotic  
21 Satyam Sharma Media Zotic  
22 Aakansha Saxena Media Zotic  
23 Rohit Bhist Media Zotic  
24 Rohit Tiwari Kajupuria Group  
25 Amit Kumar Kajupuria Group  
26 Vivek Jayant Kajupuria Group  
27 Preeti Kajupuria Group  
28 Riya Tyagi Red Carpet  
29 Deepanshu Saxena Red Carpet  
30 Mega Sharma Red Carpet  
31 Neha Sharma Red Carpet  
32 Vishal Pundhir HCL  
33 Shalabh Shukla HCL  
34 Anurag Mittal HCL  
35 Shakshi Mathur HCL  
36 Neha Sharma HCL  
37 Sumit Pal HCL  
38 Megha Sharma HCL  
39 Prashant Gautam HCL  
40 Rohit Tiwari HCL  
41 Vipin Singh HCL  
42 Jyoti Rani HCL  
43 Apoorve Srivastav HCL  
44 Pankaj Rai HCL  
45 Shetal Singh HCL  
1 Ashish Mahani Khera Associates  
2 Rakesh Kumar Khera Associates  
3 Ekta Khera Associates  
4 Priya Khera Associates  
5 Soni Chauhan Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
6 Ansul Aggarwal Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
7 Jyoti Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
8 Nisha Kumari Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
9 Ankita Gandhi Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
10 Pooja Kumari Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
11 Aashish Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
12 Sugandha Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
13 Rubi Parveena Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
14 Prashant Kaushik Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
3 Yrs. LL.B.
1 Arjun Gauba Khera Associates  
2 Prateek Bhalla Khera Associates  
3 Ankita Gandhi Pankaj Kumar & Co.  
1 Shweta Chaddha Arihant Publication, Delhi  
2 Prityusha Bandil Indirapuram Public School,
Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad
3 Divya Dhawan Green Field Public School, Delhi  
4 Rachna Bharti Adarsh Public School, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad  
5 Swati Media Public School, Ghaziabad  
6 Surbhi Bal Vasundhra Public School, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad  
7 Abhishek Awasthi M&M Musicology Production
Pvt. Ltd.
8 Kunwar Namrata Anand Augusta International Foundation (Science Centre)  
9 Chetna Little Kingdom Public School  
10 Akhil Media Public School, Ghaziabad  
11 Priti AGAPE Mission School  
12 Sheetal Angle Public School, Shahdara  
13 Monika N.N. Mohan Public School  
14 Suman Kanti K.S.K. Academy, Delhi  
15 Indira Bal Vasundhra Public School, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad  
16 Vandana Spring Dale Public School, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (Part Time)  
17 Anil Kumar P.N.N. Mohan Public School, Vasndhra, Ghaziabad  
18 Alpana Pandit Diamond Bloom Public School,
Bhopura, Ghaziabad
19 Ritu Joshi K.D. International Public School  
20 Shikha Amarpali Public School, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad  
21 Rakesh Vardan International Public School, Ghaziabad  
22 Sarita Adarsh Gyan Sarovar Public School, Ghaziabad  
23 Sugandha Shiv Vani Model Sr. Sec. School, Delhi  

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